This project attempts to detect through the use of data and image analysis tools in the field of Machine Learning, such as convolutional neural networks or deep neural networks, the detection of COVID-19 SARS COV2 in chest X-ray images.

Through the use of neural networks in the field of Machine…


The project we developed called Nativo creates digital learning products designed to upskill employees with the ability to succeed in the present workplace.

Our team is composed by Diego Felipe Quijano, Samir Millán Orozco, Mauricio Drada Dávila.

The training platform of Nativo is for all kinds of companies, for example…

Why use libraries in general?

The computer libraries are a set of functional implementations encoded through a programming language that offers a defined interface for a specific functionality.

Libraries are used by other independent programs and simultaneously, they are usually linked to a program or other library at different points…

In the simple shell the command ls lists all the files and directories existing in the current directory that you are placed in the shell.

The ls command as its initials realize refers to the word List in English which means in Spanish: lista.

ls is a command that list…

ls command

ls is a basic command used in linux, the function of this commmand is to list files and directories into a current directory, the ls command used alone just list without adittional information, but there are many options to use ls, in this case it will be used in this way “ls * .c”

First of all the differences between the Symbolic links and the Hard links is that the symbolic links are usually an alternative path for the original file like a shortcut and hard links directly link two files in the same file system and for identification it uses file’s inode number. Hard link can only be created for a file. When an original file gets deleted soft link becomes invalid whereas, a hard link is valid even if the target file is deleted.

To create a symbolic file remember to create a folder and create a file in it. Now we will use the following command.

$ ln -s file1.file symlink.file

To create a hard link we will use the following command.

$ ln file1.file hardlink.file

Diego Felipe Quijano Zuñiga

Holberton School student

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